Three mode of display

Mosaic Mode, Timeline Mode or Fullscreen Mode.

Mosaic Mode

You can browse accros thouthands of live videos, just with page up / page down or with side mouse buttons

Timeline Mode

The selected video is split in part of equal time and is presented as a mosaic. Just move the mouse to listen to the part of your choice. So you can watch a video 4, 9 or 16 times faster!

Fullscreen Mode

Finally, the Fullscreen Mode allows you to view the video normally as with a regular video player.

* Already growing up 1424 downloads

Easy File Selection

The first step is to select the list of videos from a directory, then check the videos to watch. You can also search for videos by name. Then just choose the size of the mosaic to launch the display.

Mouse Usage

Total control with the mouse, change the audio volume, fast forward / backward, change the view mode. Place the cursor at the bottom of the screen to show the name and position of the video.

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